Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

For those planning to get away more than once or twice a year, an Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy could be a better solution than purchasing multiple policies for individual trip.

Fogg’s Annual cover, often known as multi trip travel insurance, will let you take trips throughout the whole year and can often work out much cheaper than buying several single policies.

If you plan to visit relatives abroad, take that annual holiday, fit in a short break for your significant others birthday, maybe even follow your team on their away games, Fogg have annual policies that suit every type of trip, for every type of traveller.

As well as covering individuals, couples and family groups, we can cover travellers up to the age of 74 years of age and can help people with a pre-existing medical conditions with our pre-existing medical product range.

What’s Covered On Annual Travel Insurance?
We’ve use our experience and hard work to ensure that you have a policy you can rely on. Fogg policies have everything you’d expect from your travel insurance, so you can travel with reassurance that you’re covered by the experts:

Medical Expenses Cover
Personal Accident
Cancellation & Curtailment
Travel Delay & Disruption
Personal Possessions
Personal Liability
Legal Expenses Cover

We offer a number of different cover levels with our Economy, Standard and Deluxe products, so you can choose the one which suits you and the needs of your trip.

Annual Multi Trip policies allow for up to 31 days of travel per trip, but you can take as many trips during the year as you like. Just come home, repack your suitcase and off you go again!

Do I Need Annual Multi Trip Cover?
Emergency medical treatment can be expensive, with hospital charges or ambulance and doctor fees run into the thousands before you know it. Lost baggage, a cancelled trip or the need to come home early (curtailment) or a delayed or cancelled flight – you never know what could happen, or when!

An annual multi trip travel insurance policy will take away the worry of getting insured for separate trips.

What If This Doesn’t Fit My Plans?
If you are not planning to take more than one trip a year, then it might be worth considering an Single Trip policy. This will cover just one trip, but could be a cheaper option for those not planning to go away again within 12 months.

We could also help if you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, are thinking of going skiing or snowboarding, going on a backpacking or gap year trip or even if you’re a cyclist looking to go away on a cycling holiday.

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